Facilities and Equipment

The CBR has a large collection of instruments including a Nikon Confocal Microscope, as well as a well-equipped tissue culture laboratory and a histology laboratory for biomedical research(https://cbr.mst.edu/facilities-equipment/animal-research-facility/ ) . In addition, the CBR has access to major equipment and facilities in academic departments and centers on campus.

The CBR also has access to the Missouri S&T animal research facility, housed in 1800 sq. ft. of renovated space in Building BOM#3. The facility has five colony rooms, a two-room suite for aseptic surgery, a cage washing room, and other support rooms. The facility complies with all applicable PHS and USDA Guidelines pertaining to facilities for maintenance of vertebrate animals for research. The Missouri S&T Animal Care and Use Committee oversee the facility and reviews all protocols for animal maintenance and research performed at the facility.

Facilities and Equipment Available for Use


For use of the confocal microscope, please use the following link. Please contact Kun Liu:  (liuku@mst.edu) 573-341-6146, for confocal microscope training.

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