Animal Research Facility

The Missouri S&T ARF consists of a 1,400 square foot facility located in the Bureau of Mines Complex.  This specialized facility consists of 4 colony rooms used for housing rodents and one barrier room utilized for housing severely immunocompromised mice in state of the art individually ventilated cages (IVC). In addition to research being performed in the lab, ARF personnel also provide technical and specialized support for all teaching and research programs that use laboratory animals. The animal facility is managed by Richard Watters. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

For IACUC submission

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Our mission

The primary function of the Missouri S&T Animal Research Facility (ARF) is to provide the best and most humane animal care possible and to assist researchers in advancing their research through the use of animal models by using the highest ethical principles. We fulfill these mission objective by creating and maintaining a comprehensive animal care and use program which complies with all Federal and State laws, policies and regulations.

Contact us

Dr. Yue-wern Huang

IACUC Chair, professor of biological sciences

Richard Watters, MS

Animal research director