Scholars from Taiwan take a sabbatical leave at S&T

Two principal investigators from Taiwan are currently visiting Missouri S&T.

Dr. Hwei-Hsien Chen is a Senior Investigator and the Director of the Animal Behavioral Core at Taiwan’s National Health Research Institute (NHRI) which is equivalent to the USA NIH.  Dr. Chen’s expertise is in the area of Behavioral Neuropharmacology.

Dr. Minghuan Chan is a Professor and Formal Chair of the Institute of Neuroscience at National Chengchi University.   Dr. Chan’s expertise studies on Neurodegeneration for more than 10 years.

They have visited the S&T Center for Biomedical Research, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, and Department of Biological Sciences. If you are interested in speaking to them, please contact their host Dr. Yue-Wern Huang at 573-341-6589 or huangy@mst.edu



Dr. Chan (left) and Dr. Chen (middle) observed Grace Chuang, a graduate student of biological sciences, who was conducting an experiment on toxicological effects induced by electronic cigarette smoke.
Drs. Chan and Chen discussed drug delivery systems with Dr. Hu Yang, Professor and Chair of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Drs. Chan and Chen visited the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department.

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