Shimadzu LCMS-9030 iMScope QT System Information

Shimadzu LCMS-9020 iMScope QT System

Component 1: Shimadzu 9030 High Resolution Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometer:

This high-resolution Q-ToF LCMS system has a mass range of m/z 10 to 40,000 with mass resolution of 30,000 FWHM and accuracy of <1 ppm at m/z 622.5662 with internal correction. The system is equipped with a standard electrospray ionization source, which can be exchanged for an optional matrix assisted laser desorption ionization source. LabSolutions Insight Explore software allows for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The software can be used to design either data-dependent or independent acquisition experiments, as well as more standard selected ion monitoring and multiple reaction monitoring experiments. The liquid chromatography front end can conduct UPLC experiments up to 10,000 psi and is equipped with a binary pump for independent solvent flows, a standard column oven, and an autosampler that accepts autosampler vials as well as 96 well plates.

Component 2: Shimadzu iMScope QT Imaging Mass Microscope: This matrix assisted laser desorption ionization imaging platform delivers image resolution of up to 5 microns and is coupled with a three objective optical microscope which can overlay microscopic images with MALDI generated images. The iMScope QT coupled to the Shimadzu 9030 Q-ToF provides detailed MS/MS information in location specific areas of tissue samples. The software stack, including LabSolutions and Insight, is integrated with the mass imaging software ImageReveal, which allows for transition from method development to final image processing. A Shimadzu iMLayer Aero, an automated matrix sprayer, delivers highly fine layers of matrix onto prepared slides to produce high resolution images in a temperature, humidity, and matrix clog-free environment. The matrix sprayer can coat up to 2 plates at a time with run times varying greatly based on application.