Research areas

Research in the CBR covers a variety of areas in biomedical engineering, including biomaterials, tissue engineering, biofabrication, biosensors, biomedical imaging and biomedical therapeutics. 


Current Research Areas

  • Translational medicine: drug formulation and delivery for disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Biomaterials for tissue healing and regeneration
  • Biosensors and bioimaging devices: disease detection and patient care
  • Regenerative medicine and stem cell biology
  • Biomedical and medical informatics: AI and machine learning for meta-analysis and healthcare delivery
  • Biomarkers for early cancer detection


Research Collaboration

Faculty investigators in the CBR have active collaboration with several institutions, including University of Missouri campuses in Columbia and Kansas City, St. Louis University, Tongji University (China), and the Phelps County regional Medical Center, Rolla.