Nikon A1R-HD Confocal Microscope (Ti2) Information

Nikon A1R-HD Confocal Microscope (Eclipse Ti2)

The Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope is a powerful, fully-automated confocal imaging system. The system is able to image in the X, Y, and Z planes with both a high-speed resonant scanner to capture the dynamics of a system and a Galvano scanner to maximize resolution in fixed samples. The A1R-HD a large field of view and is capable of a resolution below 200 nm. The system comes with sophisticated post-processing software to deconvolve and attractively display results. The system has a 2D and 3D tracking system for particle tracking can be set up to automatically track several regions of interest in a time series scan.

The system includes the following subsystems and components:

  • Nikon A1R Live Cell Resonant Dual Scanner
  • A1-DUG Hybrid GaAsP/PMT 4ch Detector System
  • Transmitted Light Detector
  • Nikon LUN4 4 Line Solid State Laser System
  • Ti2e Fully Motorized Inverted Microscope
  • Nikon Perfect Focus System
  • Motorized Encoded XY Stage
  • LED Based Epi Fluorescent System (DAPI, FITC, TRITC cubes)
  • LED Based Transmitted Light System
  • Lasers in the blue, green, red and far-red channels
  • 10x, 20x, 40x oil, 60x oil Objectives
  • 20x long-working distance objective for live-cell and dynamics imaging
  • DIC Imaging
  • Stage-Top Incubator for Temperature and Carbon Dioxide Control
  • Deconvolution software for improved visualization
  • Dedicated analysis workstation for processing images and making presentation quality images
  • Spectral Imager capable of 2.5 nm wavelength resolution and capture of 32 channels fluorescent spectra in a a single scan
  • Elimination of autofluorescence and separation of Fluorophores with overlapping spectra 

For training, please contact Katie Shannon at or 573-341-6336.

Objective Information

MagnificationNumerical ApetureWorking DistanceImmersion MediumOptical Corrections
 10x  .45 NA  4.0 mm  air  Plan Apo
 20x  .75 NA  1.0 mm  air  Plan Apo VC
 20x  .95 NA  .95 mm  water  CFI Apo LWD Lambda S
 40x  1.30 NA  0.20 mm  oil  Plan Fluor
 60x  1.40 NA  0.13 mm  oil  Plan Apo Lambda


All objectives configured for #1.5 coverslips, 20x water and 40x oil objectives also have correction collars for plastic culture dishes. (

Confocal Laser Lines

Laser line for excitationEmission FilterExample Fluorophore
405 nm 425-475 nm DAPI, CFP
488 nm 500-550 nm FITC, GFP, Alexa 488
561 nm 570-620 nm TRITC, Alexa 568, Texas Red, Pl
640 nm 633-673 nm Cy5


A useful website to check compatibility of your fluorphore with the laser lines: