Animal Research Qualifications

The use of animals for research or teaching is a privilege. Animal users must fulfill all obligations prior to using animal at Missouri S&T. These obligations include:

  • Completion of a written exam. This written exam covers the content of the Missouri S&T Animal Care and Use Manual. The animal care and use manual includes but is not limited to: rules and regulations, animal husbandry, anesthesia, surgery, and safety.
  • Completion of a hands-on workshop: After passing the written exam, the new user should contact Richard Watters to schedule a hands-on training at the animal facility. This workshop is approximately 3-5 hours long and will introduce the animal facility, proper handling techniques, surgical techniques (when applicable) and general animal laboratory safety.

After successful completion of both qualifications, the new users may be granted access to the animal research facility.

Animal Guidelines at Missouri S&T

To check Animal Use and Care Manual, access the ARF forms page using your university credentials and download them.

Login to the ARF forms page

Access to the ARF

How to obtain an Access to the ARF

Upon completion of both the written and hands-on training, the new user may apply for a key with the permission of the facility director (Richard Watters).  The director will request access through physical facilities and will contract the user after access is granted. *This process can take 5-7 business days. 

Access Policies

1. Access to the campus ARF is limited to personnel that is included in an approved animal use protocol, and have completed both the written and hands-on training.
2. Access to the ARF is strictly controlled by the ARF office.
3. All personnel entering the ARF must wear the appropriate PPE designated on each colony and the barrier room entering the facility.
4. The entrance to the ARF should remain locked at all times.

Grant Proposal Information

The Missouri S&T Animal Research Facility is currently in the process of obtaining a registration number with the USDA.  This facility adheres to all regulations of PHS policy, on the care and use of laboratory animals.  PHS/OLAW Letter of Assurance number D16-00250 (A3396-01)

*NIH Proposals that involve vertebrate animals should use the Worksheet for Review of the Vertebrate Animal Section (VAS). This worksheet should be referenced to assure that necessary information is included in proposals. 

Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare- Vertebrate Animals Section